Fixin a Flat?

Hey ladies and gentleman! Gary here and today I’m going to talk to you about one of the most basics things anybody should know. Fixing a flat! If you do not have a spare then be sure to holler at a good wrecker service. I was driving my daughters 2012 Hyundai a couple of weeks ago and had the rear tire blow out! I figured, no problem but to my surprise, no spare in sight! Thankfully, a buddy of mine from Plano Texas came to my rescue. However, if you do have a spare tire, then you have no excuse and you can use these steps below to get you back on the road!
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Motivational Moment

Hey guys it’s Gary here. I have been having a lot of things not going my way this morning but that’s life right? Well, this short little post is about a young lady, I met today. Like I said, I was having a bad morning and was upset about it until I met this young lady. I met this young lady while in the check out line and I noticed that she had left an item in the cart. I was quick to tell her about it and then with a thanks, we just started shooting the breeze.

She told me that her nam was Sharon and that she just got back home from a tour in Iraq. I told her that I was extremely grateful for her service and was much obliged. She told me that she was excited to be back with her family but unfortunately it is a bitter sweet reunion. I asked her why and then she told me that she is battling with stage 4 brain cancer and only has several months to live!

I swear my mouth probably just dropped, right in front of her but I was just shocked! As bad as I was feeling about my day, it was nothing to what this courageous young lady was going through. I spent some more time with her afterwards and then prayed with her. We both cried and she thanked me for the gesture and for caring. It was the least that I could do and it reminded me that life is short and to never take any day for granted. It also reminded me of this article from CNN. Take care my brothers and sisters!

Love of Cars!

Hey everyone, Gary here and wanted to give you guys a little insight about my background so that we can get to know each other more. Well, I have had a love of cars since I was in diapers, as I recall. It’s hard to remember everything at my age but I can remember some. Anyways, I remember my Dad letting me sit up on his lap, as I was playfully messing with the steering wheel. My Daddy loved cars and he wanted to pass down his knowledge and passion down unto me.

I remember my Dad hollering at me as a young boy, to come over and help with changing out the oil, fixing a flat or detailing the vintage mustang he owned at the time. He wanted to share with me every little detail that had to do with that car and I enjoyed every moment of it! I remember one funny occasion happened when my dad accidentally had trip over the oil pan! Dad was so upset and was mad at me for laughing up a storm. I thought I was in big trouble but when he went to go wash off in front of the garage sink, he couldn’t help but notice how ridiculous he looked in the mirror!

Daddy turned around and let out a huge laugh and then we both started laughing hysterically! Mom walked in to check on on and then she started busting out in laughter. It was the moments like this that allowed me to grow closer in my relationship with my father and become fascinated with the  world of cars and other types of automotive related things.

Welcome to 4×4

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website called 4x 4 Preservation. I am truly excited to be giving you guys my love for various types of automotive vehicles! I will be going over my past experiences with some of the cars that I have reviewed in the past. I will also be sharing you my story about becoming a car fanatic and hopefully attaining my journey to become an exotic car dealer. I want to be able to own exotic vehicles and rent them out to high end clientele. Take care and I shall see you lovely people on the flip side!