Fixin a Flat?

Hey ladies and gentleman! Gary here and today I’m going to talk to you about one of the most basics things anybody should know. Fixing a flat! If you do not have a spare then be sure to holler at a good wrecker service. I was driving my daughters 2012 Hyundai a couple of weeks ago and had the rear tire blow out! I figured, no problem but to my surprise, no spare in sight! Thankfully, a buddy of mine from Plano Texas came to my rescue. However,┬áif you do have a spare tire, then you have no excuse and you can use these steps below to get you back on the road!

  1. First you need to pull off to the far side of the road, so you won’t interfere with traffic or get smashed by an oncoming vehicle! Also, if you can get on even ground.
  2. You need to make sure to always carry a jack and make sure you have a spare for your vehicle. It is unfortunate that many of these modern vehicles, don’t even come with a spare when you purchase the dang thing! If you don’t have one then go get one!
  3. Get the jack out and make sure your sticking it under a spot of the vehicle, where there is metal and not plastic, then make sure you unscrew some of the bolts.
  4. Make sure your grounded with the jack and start lifting the car until the tire is above the ground. Then unscrew the rest of the bolts and take off the flat tire.
  5. Get your spare and then put it on, making sure everything is aligned correctly. Screw on the rest of the bolts and make sure they are all snug. Loosen up the jack and kick the tire to make sure everything is sturdy!